Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


In our most recent update, we added the following:
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  • 🔮 You can now log into Countercyclical using Magic Links - simply type in your email of choice (no longer does it need to be Google or Microsoft) and check your email for a one-time sign-in link!
  • 🧼 Bug fixes & general performance improvements
A few new updates made their way into everyone's workspaces as of an hour or two ago. Here's a quick rundown of everything that's new in this update for Countercyclical:
  • 📝 Enriched Memo View: We improved Memos with a ton of new functionality and made it super simple to directly connect your research findings into your collaborative, shareable documents with Sources (available on Pro plans). This update also brings with it a new view for Memos, now giving users a much more focused mode for drafting, collaborating, and sharing their insights with their team, workspace, or the world. Easily see a breakdown on the left-hand side of your document with a Table of Contents, a list of Authors for publicly giving credit to everyone who worked on the Memo, and (of course) Sources.
  • 🔬 Quick Peak into Memos: If you hold Spacebar and click on a Memo's title when you're on the Memos page, you will get the previous popup view for Memos to "quickly peak" into them for editing on-the-fly!
  • ⚙️ Self-Serve Advanced Workspace Settings: We took a lot of our core Enterprise offerings and made them self-serve under your Advanced Workspace Settings. This empowers users with a ton of functionality that was once previously highly bespoke and required someone from our team to provision for an Enterprise account. We hope this makes things easier for everyone! (You can still book an enterprise demo or email our team if you ever need anything as always)
  • 🧼 Additional bug fixes & performance improvements.
As always, check these changes out and let us know what you think!
A few new updates made their way into everyone's workspaces as of yesterday. Here's a quick rundown of everything that's new on Countercyclical:
  • 🧑‍🔧 Workflows (Beta): For paid plans requesting limited, early access - we're offering Workflows; Scalable, reusable, and collaborative automations that run as many times as you'd like, plug into your existing systems via our Integrations, and allow you and your team to streamline compliance, real-time portfolio tracking, and so much more. This feature has been in the works for quite some time, and (right next to Pipelines) is one of our most requested features of all time!
  • 🏡 Home Route Refresh: We added a few new things to the Home route to make your life, and your teammates, lives a bit easier.
You will now see a row of Quick Actions (the same ones you'd see in the bottom-left corner on our platform) that you can use to quickly create the most important resources in your workspace right when you log in (Investments, Valuations, Memos, Pipelines, and Teams)
Instead of just showing you your most recent or favorite Investments via a dropdown, you can now have any resource within your workspace on the homepage (accompanied with more useful metadata and enrichment information).
This is great for CIOs and portfolio managers who might only need to look at Memos and Valuations as part of their workflow, and don't necessarily need to be aware of every comment, interaction, etc. happening in Investments.
  • 🖼️ Custom User & Workspace Icons: Previously just available to our Enterprise and Paid customers (and for free plans only being able to use emojis), now you can upload custom images for both your profile and workspace pictures to make your profiles and workspaces that much more of your own!
  • 🧼 Additional platform fixes & general performance improvements.
Things just got a whole lot cleaner on Countercyclical!
This monthly product update is our biggest one yet, and we couldn't be more excited to share these updates with you. Here's a quick, non-definitive list to get things rolling:
  • 🚣 Brand New Tables: Our previous tables weren't the best, and we listened. In fact, we rebuilt our tables from scratch so you can have even more control over researching, valuing, and sharing insights on both domestic and international assets. Sparklines, row & column actions (for paid plans), and a UI facelift are just a few of the things you can now find in your research, Investments, and Valuations.
  • 🫡 New Sider: Our sider felt a bit...dated - so we revamped it and separated out the most important parts of a researcher's workflow into two main parts (the top - where things like Investments, Memos, and Search still live - and the bottom - where you can now find your Profile, Settings, and Teams).
  • 🦾 Additional Enrichment Data: Not only will you find more relevant information on the asset you're researching, but you will also find social links on each investment and company page along with more financial insights peppered throughout your research efforts.
  • 📊 Updated Valuation Charts: While the previous charts were useful for getting a general understanding of your asset's cashflows, the new charts in a generated Valuation are now much more robust - you can update the change in growth/decline for the line items now and even see the historical change for each line item next to the price. We also made some slight updates to the visuals to make them a bit easier to interpret (hopefully)!
  • 🧼 Additional fixes & general improvements.